Corporate Catering

Corporate catering is among the most challenging platforms in the every day meals consumption segment. On the side, it needs intense levels of food safety, standards, and processes, because it’s a great concern for the responsible departments of large businesses. 

On the other side, it also needs to keep close control of the pricing, which should not kick deep in the employees’ pockets. Our theory has given us fantastic results in fulfilling the requirements of our esteemed corporate customers. We’re able to serve small businesses to large corporates.

Many corporate offices spend a lot of money on ensuring employee satisfaction, yet they frequently forget the significant role of catering services in maintaining employee health and pleasure.

 During our company catering service, we provide meals that are not just tasty, but also nutritionally-balanced and sterile, therefore contributing to your employees’ long-term well-being.

 At Surati Dabba, cater to all kinds of tastes and desires. We understand the importance of a healthy diet for professionals who work long hours every day. Hence, it includes a dedicated corporate catering staff dedicated to providing healthful and hygienic meals to organizations with on-time service. A complete choice of fresh and vibrant items are offered on the menu, specially prepared with quality ingredients.

Deluxe Features of corporate Tiffin service

  1. A delicious gourmet meal is Offered to organizations for healthy breakfast, lavish lunch, healthy snacks, and a beautiful dinner.
  2. Executive dishes are specially Designed for seminar meetings, exhibitions, or even for travelers.

We support small offices to large Corporate Through our:


Corporate Catering

The menus are designed based on a detailed discussion with your staff wherein we understand the taste buds and the dietary requirements of your employees.


Refreshing Menu

There’s a new Menu daily and every week’s menu are shared a week in advance, so we can incorporate any changes that you want to create.


Corporate Events

We have Customized menus for corporate events like Board meetings, Executive lunches wherein the meals/finger foods are cooked as per the attendees’ preference.


Buffet catering

Calorie-counted meals that are individually packed and delivered  spill-proof, microwave-safe, and disposable containers arrive in a tray with a clear account of its nutrient content.


Live counter

We provide live Counters for foods such as dosas, parathas, freshly tossed salads, piping hot peppers, fruit salads, etc.


Dietician-on Ask

We Provide a Monthly dietician counseling camp in your office, So that every Employee Can get healthy food & increase Productivity.

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